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Blogs: Boardshort length and what to look for this year



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This summer season look for shorts that sit just above the knee

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 May, 2016 - With summer fast approaching there is still time to find and nab this year's model pair of boardies. When in the surf shop you'll also notice that over the past few years’ men’s swimwear trends have been rapidly evolving. 

The length of board shorts has changed quite considerably with the standard being 18”, however in the mid 2000s the length was changed to around 22” so they sat over the knees, and in more recent trends board shorts and swim shorts have crept up to sit just above the knee and well up the thigh. 

Board shorts, like all swimwear is designed to be quick drying and are generally made from strong yet light materials, as no-one wants to be drenched and bogged down in summer. Yet board shorts are made to be incredibly durable and hold up to wear from contact with a surfboard, as they are generally only worn by surfers as they are comfortable and light-weight.

Unlike many other swim shorts, board shorts do not have an elasticated waistband. Instead they have a more rigid and sturdy waistband which usually ties at the front to ensure they are not pulled from the wearers body by the force of waves when a surfers gets dragged under water. 

Although generally speaking in the past board shorts have always been far longer than other types of men’s swimwear. They also have a far different look which identifies them a part of the "surfer style" as they tend to have a loose or baggy appearance.

The longer length of these types of shorts is ideal for surfers and those who indulge in water sports as they protect the wearer’s legs from wax on surfboards. However board shorts have completely changed in recent years with trends, now the lengths can range from mid-thigh which is more of a classic look to just below the knee, this trend came about in the mid 2000’s.

Yet trends change so frequently and now shorts are shortening quickly. The past few years’ shorts have hit the knee, or just below it, but then designer swim shorts began to rise in popularity and started to shorten styles. 


Last year’s trend of very short shorts has followed through to this summer with designer swim shorts being completely thigh skimming. Ultimately now in board shorts and men’s swimwear now come in an array of lengths and styles just like women’s swimwear.

Fashion Tip:
To truly be on trend this summer season men should look for shorts that sit just above the knee, for those who really want to show off more leg can opt for far shorter styles. In terms of prints and on trend colours, brightly coloured scenic prints are set to be big this summer. 

If you’re a gentleman who is not a fan of prints opt for swimwear in block colours. Hues for this summer range from pale pastels including rose quarts to bold blues, pinks and greens. For those who like the more subtle look you are in luck, as neutral tones including grey, black, camel, and khaki are set to stay.

For those keen surfers out there try to find board shorts that sit about knee length with bright coloured patterns and you’ll be set to ride any waves.

Connor Christopher

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