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Baltic Sea delivers for European crew

Denmark? Yes, Please. © Vincent Bakker



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Blue Magazine editor sneaks a trip in to Bay of Lübeck

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 May, 2014 - After an extremely long time with horrible wind, the Baltic Sea has finally roused again, bringing surfers from Poland to Germany and of course Scandanavia.

They were greeted with waves to say the least, and their withdrawals were satiated.

The icing on the cake was the unusually warm water temperatures. Blue Magazine editor Tom Frey managed to get a trip to the Bay of Lübeck and then asked correspondents in the neighboring Baltic countries for their reports.

In the Bay of Lübeck it was windy and gray, but the water level was not too high. It was quite thick and quite punchy, but with 60 surfers or more, well, that was certainly the thickest crowd of all Baltic Spots - who no doubt had a lot of fun morning until afternoon. Wednesday was got rather bad, but it was again amazing on Thursday

Denmark's easternmost island got the swell from the fstart and had over the three days warm water and good conditions. As always, it was enjoyed only by a handful of locals . Our man on the spot, Dennie Hilding reported this: The first two days were huge and fierce. Thursday fell asleep as the wind and a super clean swell rolled on the island. And as always, there were no crowds here. Great Days!

The most enthusiastic report we received was from the Dutch Expat Scandinavian Vincent Bakker . His censored (our apologies) report reads as follows:

We had three great days. The first two days we surfed spots and protected on the third day clean waves at exposed breaks. Thursday was the best. Up to head-high ground swell and no wind! We surfed the spots which otherwise always are exposed to the wind. The waves here are better and run more frequently than in Holland!

I never thought that it could be so good. Point Breaks and slabs at every corner. Today (Friday) morning there was way more beautiful longboard waves on the north coast, 10 minutes away from my house.

We dont have any reports of the Swedish east coast yet. Guess that the boys and girls from the area have yet to end their sessions in order to access a keyboard again.

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