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Board Stories: Rory Russell's Pipeliner

Rory Russell © Art Brewer



Surf Culture

Rory's Pipeliner was instrumental in tackling maxing Pipe

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 August, 2015 - In this episode of Board Stories Rory Russell's tells the story of his famous Pipeliner surfboard. Taken from a template of a 1969 Gerry Lopez model it was this design that first took Rory to two Pipe Masters and then onto a world wide fame as one of surfing's greatest ambassador's for fun.

Now past 60 Russell still has the cackling charisma of one of surf's greatest ever characters and the episode both follows the tech specs of a board that changed the way Pipeline was surfed, as well as the very history of Russell and his half a century of living and laughing in Hawaii.

Archive footage of Rory and Gerry Lopez in their prime is spliced with current footage of the modern Pipe warriors tackling maxing Pipe on Rory's Pipeliner. This is a surfboard with a very important to tell, and there is no man in surfing tells a better story than Rory "The Dog" Russell.




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