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Board of the Week: Album Surf's Pierre Kiandjan collaboration



Board Design

San Clemente's Matt Parker teams up with French designer for Album Surf 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 June, 2015 - San Clemente, California - We interrupt our regular weekly offering of the industry's more refined, radical boards, the share with you a work of art, a real beauty. 

This little nugget of a small-wave planing hull comes to us from San Clemente's Matt Parker, who teamed up with Paris-based graphic designer Pierre Kiandjan to make this cosmic, geometrically wild, stubby little planing disc, what Parker calls a "Sub."


According to Parker, Almond Surfboards' Sub is "Fun every time. Similar rocker to the Simmons inspired Symphony but with a little more lift in the tail, combined with a more pulled in outline through the business end. Great alternative to a fish or even a longboard. Catches anything that moves, zips and flies around as hard as you want to push it - or cruise, trim and flow all day long. Single to double concave. Can be ridden as a quad, thruster, twin or even a single fin. Ride it a touch shorter than you’d order a fish."

We've ridden heaps of boards similar to the Sub, all inspired loosely of Richard Kenvin's Hydrodynamica project. And damn are they fun, able to make gutless, windlblown slop into a venerable playground of magic carpet rides. 

You can see more of Pierre's wild designs on his site, here.


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