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Board of the Week: Dan Mann/Firewire Double Agent





Board Design

Firewire and Dan Mann's Double Agent has a lot going on

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 May, 2015 - As far as Firewire's roster goes, Dan Mann might seem mellow, design-wise, compared to someone like Daniel "Tomo" Thompson. But Mann's most recent models—the Cornice, and this neat little round tail, the Double Agent—might be some of the most radical departures from traditional surfboards Firewire—the world's third largest surfboard manufacturer—has ever offered. 

The Double Agent is an update on previous Mann models, the Baked Potato and the Potatonator. And while it may resemble similar round- or thumb-tail boards, this small wave, low-volume, high-surface area machine is anything but ordinary. Trimmed of volume, particularly through the last 1/3 of the board, the board's wide-point is set back just a touch, keeping the board from feeling slow, or off balance, and distributing the volume more evenly, and accuting for the tail's radical thinness.

The rails feature Man''s patented soft bevel, keeping the the board sensitive on-rail, while refusing to compromise on paddle speed. There's a casual, nuanced nose rocker, but an aggressive, almost flipped tail rocker. 

A deep, super long double concave keeps the board drive-y and loose rail-to-rail. For surfers looking to push their groveling to the next level, throw some medium quad fins in this little rocket and watch it go. 


Here's what our friend Chris Grow over at the Shred Show had to say about the Double Agent: 


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