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Board of the Week: John John Florence's magic Pyzel

The Bastard © Pyzel Surfboards





Board Design

John John Florence's magic Pyzel is a radical, refined all-around-er

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 May, 2015 - North Shore, Hawaii - It's always interesting to see what the world's best feel comfortable riding on the reg. John John Florence has been putting on clinics for the last two years on variations of one special board, from his long-time shaper Jon Pyzel, of Pyzel Surfboards. The board? The Bastard. 

The Bastard has fairly aggressive nose and tail rocker, but it's crisp and even, not flipped. The board's bottom features a single concave throughout its entirety, and looking at the outline there's a bit of a hip through the board's rear 3rd. The tails pulled in, meant to increase control (and allow for JJF's torked, tweaked, full-commitment turns).

Florence after his dramatic win in France © WSL

Florence won heats all over the place on this board, from France to Trestles, and even Pipeline at the Volcom Pipe Pro. Which is to say: ride it in anything (if you've got the chops.) As Pyzel told Surfer after JJF's win in pumping France, "The Bastard is a great high-performance board that everyone can ride, they just need to get the right size stick, with enough volume for their weight."



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