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Board of the Week: A riff on the Rocket, meet Short Round




Board Design

...Lost's newest performance groveler a spring/summer diamond

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 March, 2015 - San Clemente - This year, Matt Biolos rolled out a few beautiful additions to the ...Lost lineup—a couple user-friendly, high-volume, chubby little spuds (the Puddle Jumper and Bean Bag); a real rocket of a semi-gun (the Double Up); a new addition to their round tail, shorter tube boards (the Round Up); and one particularly lovely little small wave racer, The Short Round.

Shaper Matt Biolos worked with some of his team riders and shop employees, designing a board that fits somewhere in your quiver between your fishier, stubbier alternative boards and full-on high performance shortboards. 

The Short Round is Biolos' update to ...Lost's famous Rocket, and an answer to the Channel Islands Dumpster Diver or any number of other wide, short mutants meant for grinding it out in gutless surf. But the Short Round has a few things going for it that set it apart and make it really interesting: slight forward wide-point, tons of concave throughout, a moderately lifted tail rocker and a slightly more pulled in tail more akin to a more traditional, small wave performance shorty. Think added lift, but with increased control, in a gimmick-less outline and profile.

You can read more about the board here, or check out this great episode of The Shred Show:


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