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Board of the Week: Mayo Surfboards' Tug







Board Design

A summertime magic carpet from one of the East Coast's finest crafstmen

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 January, 2016 - Cocoa Beach, Florida - No state knows about summertime groveling better than the Sunshine State. And Florida's finest crafstman of alternative and aestheticly beautiful boards, Larry Mayo, has been fine tuning his small wave machines for decades, and the results are all over his Tug model.



The Tug is a fully modern riff on the Simmons-inspired planing hulls popularized by San Diego surf historian Richard Kenvin. Mayo's take on the Simmons is all about down the line drive, featherlight float and effortless glide. But don't be fooled by it's pudgy outline—these babies can move. 

The Tug comes as a quad or twin keel, comprising traditional construction or Epoxy, and is meant to be ridden pretty much as small as you can reasonably imagine riding a surfboard. Coming off of a 6'3" round pin, a 5'4 stubbie little number might seem preposterous. But the board's volume is compact and thoughtful, not to mention the increased float that epoxy construction provides in boards this size, should you choose that route...



I've ridden a lot of Mayo's boards over the years, and am always impressed with his attention to detail. Building boards start-to-finish, Larry's obsessive nature shines through in each board's remarkable craftsmanship. 



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