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Board of the Week: Rusty's cure-all, the Sweet Tooth





Board Design

Rusty Surfboard's new crowd-pleaser, the Sweet Tooth

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 April, 2015 - Spring has sprung, and most of us are scrambling to find a cure-all for those ever-unpredictable days of mixed swells, questionable winds, and otherwise lackluster conditions. 

This year Rusty released their Sweet Tooth model, a full high-performance shredder with a little more butter, a little more cream: curvy, full, the rails a little tender, soft. For us Californians, the Sweet Tooth just might be an Everyday Driver. 

The Sweet Tooth features a fuller outline than your normal ripper, shred-sled, shorty, as well as a deep single concave bottom, low entry rocker and "aggressive tail rocker allow driving turns and tighter arcs." They push it as a round tail, which we dig, but a few have sworn by it as a swallow or squash (though many think the actual shape of a tail is more aesthetic, than pur function). 

Regardless, the Sweet Tooth is a tasty looking little nugget, its curves delicate and kind, dense and rich as a Dunkan Hines brownie. 



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