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Board of the Week: SUPERbrand's MadCat model by Clay Marzo



Board Design

Clay Marzo signature board blends performance and user-friendly qualities

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 August, 2015 - More of a high-performance shortboard than a groveller, Clay Marzo's new signature model, the MadCat has just launched at SUPERbrand. The board is a unique team model that, while suited to Clay's unique, electric style of surfing, should also perform for the average day-to-day surfer who wants a high-performance shortboard with user-friendly qualities.

With more width in the nose than your standard high-performance shortboard the MadCat should be an easier paddler than a lot of team boards out there at the moment. In addition, the full rails mean you can go shorter in length and still keep some volume.

On the bottom is a single to double barrel concave for lift with a bit of vee off the tail. One of our favorite features is the pulled in tail to help keep it carvy and responsive.



• High Performance rocker
• Tri Fin | Rounded Square Tail
• Single to pronounced double concave
• Wider forward outline, pulled in via hip in the tail
• Ride in your favorite shortboard dims or as a step-up
• Available in custom dimensions/specs

·      Animal Style: EPS/Epoxy with Carbon Tail Patches and a Carbon strip on the bottom, just like Marzo likes it.
·      Swallow/Quad Combo: Marzo loves to mix up his MadCats with a few swallow tail quads and so should you. 

To recap, all the features that make this board perfect for Clay’s mad, raw style also make it forgiving, easy to paddle, and ultra smooth in rail-to-rail transitions.



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