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Boehne & Appleby win Surftech Shootout

Dave Boehne & Candice Appleby © Surftech

Surftech Shootout

Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz California
22 - 24 March 2013

Candice Appleby and Dave Boehne 2013 Surftech Shootout Champions

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 March, 2013 : - - Santa Cruz, California -- After two straight years of menacing surf and weather forecasts, the elements finally came together for the Surftech Shootout and Surf & Sand Duel SUP Race presented by SUP Magazine . Pumping swell, bluebird skies, fierce competition from top level athletes and several days of fraternal fun all added up to a memorable weekend of surfing and racing in Santa Cruz. And thanks to  SUPconnect, the entire competition was broadcast to over 23,000 viewers online across the globe!
The Shootout saw three days of solid waves that tested athletes skill and endurance under clear skies and balmy weather. The largest field in Shootout history showcased 32 male SUP surfers, and, new for 2013, a division of eight female surfers who proved that they had what it took to compete in the well over-head conditions. Event commentator Ken "Hobie" Hoeve announced,

"This ain't golf, there are no ladies tees. These girls have to deal with the same challenging waves as the men."

The ladies did more than deal with the waves at Steamer Lane, they ripped them apart! Surftech's Candice Appleby took top honors among a strong field of female competitors.

Women's Division runner-up Diane Wenzel said that Candice "sets the bar for SUP surfing and is such an accomplished water woman." She went on to say her "fluid and powerful style is impressive and I'm always trying to incorporate her techniques to improve my own surfing.  Steamer Lane was a fabulous venue to showcase women's SUP surfing and it was an honor to surf with Candice in the first ever women's division of the Surftech Shootout."

Dave Boehne (Dana Point, CA) made the trek up to Santa Cruz from Dana Point last year and had to settle for a 13th place result in the Shootout. This year, Boehne was focused on improving upon that result. With his repertoire of backhand snaps, round-house cutbacks, tube rides and vertical re-entries Boehne would dramatically improve upon his 2012 finish! 

One of the most unique aspects of the Surftech Shootout and Surf & Sand Duel presented by SUP Magazine is that it combines both a race and a surf contest. The Surf & Sand Duel SUP Race takes place down the point from Steamer Lane in the beautiful Cowells Cove next to the historical Santa Cruz Wharf. With the sun shining and the surf in the cove calm, the 75 competitors were excited to get out on the water and experience one of the most beautiful race courses on the world. As Kristin Thomas (Exec Dir. Stand Up Pad­dle Indus­try Asso­ci­a­tion) so eloquently stated in an inter­view on the SUPra­dioshow:

"I was kind of intim­i­dated by the Shootout, they have had some tough weather...and this was kind of billed as this 'char­ac­ter build­ing' race with big waves and cold weather...but Santa Cruz is absolutely gor­geous! Beau­ti­ful week­end. The race course was almost dis­tract­ingly pretty."    
When all was said and done, It was Candice Appleby and Maui's Slater Trout taking the victory. This was Slater's first time competing in the Surf & Sand Duel SUP Race. 

With the Shootout and Surf & Sand Duel presented by SUP Magazine in the books, the only unfinished business was determining the over-all event winners. Event directors combined the athlete's scores from the Shootout with their scores from the Surf & Sand Duel to crown the male and female "Lone Ranger" award winners and hand over the $2,000 in prize money donated by our friends at SUP Magazine.

Congrats to Candice Appleby and Chuck Glynn on winning the 2013 Lone Ranger over-all top performance award!

Source: Surftech

Author: Duke Brouwer

Tags: Santa Cruz, Steamer Lane, Surftech

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