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Bondi to become 20th Australian National Surfing Reserve

Bondi Beach © Bondi Rescue Lifeguards



National Surfing Reserves

Bondi has hosted surfing for an estimated 110 years now

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 September, 2016 - Considered an international tourism ‘icon’ that represents all that is the quintessential Australian ocean lifestyle, Bondi Beach and salty locals along with various levels of government, have backed a comprehensive nomination to be declared the next National Surfing Reserve in 2017.

Bondi Beach may be the local surf break of the beach-friendly Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, but also proudly lays claim to be the capital of Australian beach culture, with millions of people surfing its famous waves for over 110 years.

Bondi will become the 20th Australian National Surfing Reserve in the award-winning program and the fifth in Sydney, after Manly-Freshwater, Maroubra, North Narrabeen and Cronulla.

Led by the Bondi-born surfing figure, John Sullivan, the wash-lashed one mile sandy smile, is formalising a working group to ensure a summer celebration to rival that the its northern neighbour Manly-Freshwater, the birthplace of surfing in Australia, which is enshrined as both a National Surfing Reserve and the first Australian World Surfing Reserve.

In 2012 Hawaii adopted the National Surfing Reserve model led by Senator Fred Hemmings and other nations are following closely in an expanding movement to recognise surfing destinations of intrinsic sporting, social, historic and cultural importance to surfing nations.

South Africa, Indonesia, Fiji and the United States are also candidates for future National Surfing Reserve status assessing which iconic sites should be nominated.

“Bondi has arguably the richest and most colourful history of any Australian beach,” said Brad Farmer, founder and patron of NSR.

Among the many surfing luminaries who surfed Bondi, is the late Midget Farrelly patriarch of Australian surfing who leant to surf at Bondi.

“More than a just another surfing site, Bondi Beach, epitomizes what Australia is to the world and that’s what NSR seeks to recognise in our symbolic dedications,” Mr Farmer concluded.

Brad Farmer

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