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Bonga Perkins wins WLT Hakman wins FCS European

Bonga Perkins : file photo Pierre Tostee/

Orange Biarritz Surf Festival

ASP World Longboard Tour event #1

Cote des Basques

Biarritz, France

13 - 21 July 2002

Bonga Perkins wins International WLT Contest

Ryan Hakman wins European FCS Longboard Pro

The tenth edition of the Orange Biarritz Surf Festival ended today on the Cote des Basques beach in Biarritz with the victory of Hawaiian Bonga Perkins in the Orange International Contest, WLT World Championship.
Young and talented French surfer Ryan Hakman won the FCS European longboard classic for the first time.

Wave conditions :

Good waves from 2 to 3 feet.

Orange International Longboard Contest

World Championships WLT

Semi finals

In first heat, two world champions were competing for a place in final : Beau Young (Aus) 2000 champion, and Colin McPhillips (USA) current world champion.
This was one of the most beautiful heats of the day with an impressive and very tight concurrence between both surfers. Colin Mc Phillips takes the first place with less than 2 points of advance in front of Australian Beau Young and gets qualified for the final.

The second ticket for the final is brightly won by hawaiian surfer Bonga Perkins back in France after several years of absence.
He easily gets rid of australian Sebastien Wilson.


The Orange International Longboard Contest, WLT world championships offered an original and beautiful final : hawaiian Bonga Perkins, 1996 World Champion was competing against actual world champion Colin McPhillips (usa).

Perkins made an impressive demonstration of talent and strategy by leading almost all the heat.
The Hawaiian surfer seemed very confident and gets logiacally the first place of the final in front of 2001 international top longboarder.

The final of the WLT World Championships is scheduled in August in Mexico.

Int´l WLT Contest heats/Results available here

Scroll down for;- Qualifiers for the OWLC

FCS European Longboard Classic


Great revelation of this 10th edition of the Orange Biarritz Surf Festival, Ryan Hakman brilliantly won the FCS European Longboard Classic gathering the best longboarders of Europe.

After getting rid of young French surfer Antoine Cardonnet , the son of Jeff Hakman “Mister Sunset” dominated the british rider Sam Bleakley. Ryan seemed relax and confident during this week contest. This recent maturity proves that he is now able to compete against world class surfers with no complex.

A this time, we do not have the results of Kodak Expression Session and Beach Bum Tandem Surfing. (Results available on request)

European FCS Longboard Pro heats/Results available here

Orange Biarritz Surf Festival 2002 Results:-

Orange International Longboard Contest

1- Bonga PERKINS (Hawaii)


3- Beau YOUNG (Aus)

FCS European Longboard Classic

1- Ryan HAKMAN (France)


3- Romain MAURIN (France)

Braun International Junior Longboard

1- Antoine DELPERRO (Fra, Biarritz)

2- Sean KEANY (Usa)

3- Thibaut DUSSARAT (Fra, Biarritz)

XBox Kids Series

Filles 12/14 ans

1- Aude LAGARDE (Fra, Anglet)

2- Marine PAREES (Fra, Anglet)

Filles –12 ans

1- Anne-Laure COLLAERT

2- Luanda ILDEFONSE (Fra, Bidart)

Garçons 11/12 ans

1- Pierre-Valentin LABORDE (Fra, Hossegor)

2- Edouard DELPERO (Fra, Biarritz)

Garçons –10 ans

1- Ha’a AIKAU (Hawaii)

2- Tyler LARRONDE (Hawaii)

Garçons 13/14 ans

1- Anthony NOWAK (Guadeloupe)

2- Naoum ILDEFONSE (Bidart)

Check here for previous news updates in English

Association of Surfing Professionals
WLT 2002

Top Qualifiers for the OWLC

Top 14 2001

1 McPhillips,Colin USA

2 Ribbink,Jason SAfr

3 Tudor,Joel USA

4 Byrnes,Jye Aus

5 Salazar,Alex Brz

6 Young,Beau Aus

7 Connelly,Kevin USA

8 Perkins,Bonga Haw

9 DeSoto,Duane Haw

10 Batista,Olimpio Brz

11 Matos,Amaro Brz

12 Howard,Zack USA

13 Saldanha,Augusto Brz

14 Moir,Mathew Safr

Top 30 from the WLT 2002 ratings after the Orange Biarritz Surf Festival

1 Wilson,Sebastein Aus

2 Larcher,Jonathan Fra

3 Constable,Josh Aus

4 Uemura,Kekoa Haw

5 Freitas,Marcelo Brz

6 Bell,Ian Aus

7 Simons,David Aus

8 Jensen,Taylor USA

9 Dussarat,Thibaut Fra

10 Proudfoot,Lucas Aus

11 Baxter,Josh USA

12 Ledingham,Darren USA

13 Grendon,Michael Safr

14 Kinoshita,David Japn

15 Viudes,Jamie Brz

16 Knost,Alex USA

17 Vandervoort,Chris Haw

18 Maurin,Romain Fra

19 Dudley,Elliott GB

20 Edwards,Keegan Haw

21 Rodrigo,Danilo Brz

22 Matsuyama,Yoshinori Japn

23 Silva,Jeremias da Brz

24 Thomas,Grant Aus

25 Wilson,Dane Aus

26 Ryan,John Lee GB

27 Mcleod,Kane Aus

28 Logreco,Andrew USA

29 Rajzman,Phil Brz

30 Kid,Paulo Brz

Oxbow Wild Cards

Angel Salinas Mex

Rusty Keaulana Haw

Leo Ranzoni Italy

Devon Howard USA

Alternates for the Oxbow

Miranda,Dino Haw

Bage,Eduardo Brz

Bleakley,Sam GB

Shimabukuro,Noah Haw

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