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Bootieleash, the first product solution for wetsuit leg creep


The BootieLeash™, the first ever innovative wetsuit leg to bootie-heel noose attachment, will prevent “wetsuit leg creep” while doing water sports. The BootieLeash™ stops the wetsuit leg from sliding up your bootie calf and prevents water blow up into the wetsuit leg.

The BootieLeash™ is also useful in stopping the loss of reef walker shoes or booties in the waves, surf, rivers and rapids by securing the booties/shoes to the ankle with the hook and loop strap and snap hook vertical eye.

According to Mike Mednick, inventor and CEO of BootieLeash™ “Necessity is the mother of invention and I have been trying to solve the problem of the wetsuit leg sliding up the bootie calf for almost four decades now.

I have also been trying stop cold water from being blown up my wetsuit leg during wipeouts and during the frequent bending, flexing, twisting and kicking of my wetsuit knee. Over the years, many surfers have tried string, duct tape and simple hook and loop straps to keep the wetsuit leg down and in place.

Users of reef and river walker booties/shoes have also tried shoe strings to stop the loss of these booties/shoes in the surf or rivers, thereby preventing the need to buy just one reef bootie/shoe when one is lost which can be difficult.”



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