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Brazilian surfer up for sainthood and, no, it's not Medina

Brazilian surfer up for sainthood and, no, it's not Medina
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Surf Culture

Guido Schäffer died in a surfing accident, then healed people

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 February, 2015 - The Catholic Church is considering a Brazilian surfer who died in 2009 for sainthood. In January, the Vatican gave permission to Brazilian priests to collect evidence of Guido Schäffer’s holiness and present it to the pope.

Guido Schäffer grew up near Brazil’s Copacabana Beach. He would lead prayer circles with his friends before going surfing. After Schäffer’s death locals started calling him the “Surfer Angel." 

People would make pilgrimages to visit his tomb, many thanking him for answering their prayers. Others left molds of feet and heads indicating body parts healed through what they believed to be Schäffer‘s intercession.

Schäffer’s remains were moved to the Our Lady of Peace Church in the town of Ipanema. His surfing buddies followed the procession in a fire truck — some holding surfboards in the air.

“Guido used to say that Jesus was really the first surfer, because he was the first to walk on the water,” says Martins. “Surfing for him was a totally heavenly experience. In the water, he could feel God, he could talk to God.”


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