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Break at Angourie becomes NSW's first surfing reserve



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Angourie is NSW's first surfing reserve

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 January, 2007 : - - The surf destination of Angourie, on the NSW north coast, has become the state's first legally protected national surfing reserve. Lands Minister Tony Kelly said the area, located at Yamba, was synonymous with the surfing community and making it a reserve recognised the recreational importance of the coastline.

"To have both the lands and waters of Angourie being legally protected as a reserve for surfing is a first for NSW," Mr Kelly said. "It provides the reserve with the same status as Victoria's Bells Beach." 
Australian Champion surfer Mick Fanning said making it a protected reserve was a huge deal for the surfing community."It shows we can protect our valuable coastal areas and surf spots like Angourie for generations to come," Fanning said. The reserve was achieved in conjunction with a steering committee of local surfers and community members, the National Surfing Reserves Committee and the local council.

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