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Brixton adds Thom Pringle to their surf team...

 Thom Pringle © Brixton


Team Updates

Thom grew up hunting surf on the Sunshine Coast 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 April, 2012 : - - Oceanside -- We are excited to welcome Australian surfer Thom Pringle to the Brixton Surf team.  Hailing from Mudjimba, Queensland, Thom, 20, grew up hunting for waves on the Sunny Coast and over the past few years has been quietly making his mark on the global surf scene, appearing in a handful of clips and film projects including Now, Chippa Wilson’s debut film and Thom – A Portrait of Modern Youth, an experimental documentary by Riley Blakeway.  With his unique, eclectic style and love for airs, Thom takes a truly individual approach to his surfing.
“What I like about Thom is he just does his own thing,” said Brixton Founder and Brand Manager David Stoddard.   “He marches to the beat of his own drum and has a genuine love for surfing and skateboarding.”
These days Thom splits his time between Australia and Southern California and when he’s not in the water he’s usually skating, drawing, painting and exploring his passion for photography, citing people like Ed Templeton, Greg Hunt and Thomas Campbell as influences. Thom’s also been busy filming for the upcoming Waves Magazine film Shortcuts, due out next month.

Thom joins surfers Troy Elmore, Taylor Curran, Jesse Steelman and Jeff McCallum in the Brixton Union.  Thom’s sponsors in addition to Brixton include Vans, Sabre, Agent Eighteen Wetsuits and Haydenshapes Surfboards.



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Source: Brixton

Author: Adriana Matthews

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