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Bull sharks swim through flooded Aussie downtown

Bull Shark © Terry Goss / Wiki Media

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Sharks spotted swimming through flood-hit streets of Australian town

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, 14 January, 2011 : - - Two bull sharks, renowned for their aggression, were spotted swimming through the flooded streets of a small town in the inundated Australian state of Queensland, the Queensland Times reported Friday. The amazing sightings were made in Goodna, a center of around 8,000 people which lies between the state capital Brisbane and the nearby southeast city of Ipswich.

One of the sharks was spotted by local butcher Steve Bateman swimming in floodwaters near his shop Thursday while another one was seen in water covering the town's main street. Ipswich councilor Paul Tully said he believed the reports. “It’s definitely a first for Goodna, to have a shark in the main street," he said.

“I know Steve and he wouldn’t say he saw a shark unless he really saw one. It’s not like there have been polar bears or crocodiles spotted. Bull sharks have been in Goodna for a long time in the Bremer [river]. “They are regularly in the Brisbane River and often swim up. I know a number of fishermen who have caught bull sharks.”

Goodna was flooded by water up to 25-foot (eight meters) deep during this week's deluge which has impacted 75 percent of Queensland.

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Source: The Queensland Times

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