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Burnt wallet of missing Florida surfer found by diver

Cabrete © Alex Proimos/Wikicommons



Missing Persons

Darryl Fornatora has been missing since January 27

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 March, 2016 - The wallet of a Florida surfer missing in the Dominican Republic was found recently by a diver in the area where the surfer disappeared .

Caribbean 360 reported that a wallet belonging to Darryl Fornatora was found in tact with credit cards, cash and driver’s license. Since the discovery of the wallet, authorities stated they will have divers comb the area looking for Fornatora who disappeared under mysterious circumstances on January 27.

According to the family, Darryl and friend Matt Rigby arrived in Cabrete, Dominican Republic on January 25 and checked into a local villa. Fornatora texted his mother on January 26.

He was scheduled to fly home with Rigby on January 31. However Rigby cut his trip short and returned to Florida alone on January 28. Fornatora’s return ticket was neither used nor changed.

Caribbean 360 also reported that the family doubted the story of Fornatora's disappearance given by travel mate Rigby.

The family stated that Rigby had called them to say he had not seen nor heard from Fornatora since January 27 but that Rigby didn’t call the embassy or local police.

“He [Rigby] didn’t contact the embassy or police, which I don’t understand,” Fornatora’s sister Christina Hendrex told Fox News at the time. “He also took some of Darryl’s things back with him, like his surfboard and his computer.”

The Fornatora family also claims that Rigby’s recollection of events has changed.

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