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Buttons, Christian Fletcher, others celebrated with wax




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Waxy Surf Wax Announces Launch of  Surf Culture Series Surfwax
Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 November, 2009 : - - After huge rapid success in just 2 years with our colored Surfwax in 30 countries around the globe, the requests kept coming in, not only for our 12 pimp your ride color range but also for our Original Formula / Ultra Grip Clear Wax.
So here is the solution to the requests, " Surf Culture Series " will feature some of the worlds most notorious surfers. We got some of our faves to put their name on it : Christian Fletcher, Kala Alexander, Buttons Kaluhiokanani, Tim Reardon, Grant Twiggy Baker and some few awesome surprises in the months to come. Collect them all!!
We will be featuring Surfers, Cinematographers, Surfspots you name it. Our Ultra Grip Formula Clear wax will give you everything you ask for " Grip, texture, bumps, humps and overall, "Glue For Your Stick"

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