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BWWT calculates bigger points for bigger waves

Greg Long, Mavericks © Brian Overfelt



Big Wave Updates

Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour Breaks Down the Coefficient Factor

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 February, 2014 - With the Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour heading toward the final events, it's worth highlighting the Wave Coefficient on ranking points that exists.

The Coefficient can boost or even reduce the base scale points on the Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour, depending on the determined wave face size of the day.

Here's how it works:

Ranking Points are adjusted by the "Wave Coefficient" into the Total Event Points.

Total Event Points = Ranking Points x Wave coefficient

The last two events, Punta Galea and Mavericks were agreed at 30 to 36 feet.

Current Ratings leader Grant "Twiggy" Baker gives a first hand explanation of coefficient factor and its benefits.

"The coefficient factor is a great tool used by the XBWWT to even out the event points based on the size and intensity of the surf. Basically the bigger and heavier the waves, the more points you score towards the World Title race and this ensures, that at the end of the season, the guy who most deserves it will win the title." - Grant "Twiggy" Baker

Jason Webb co-founder of Xpreshon also added. "We really like the inclusion of the coefficient scoring system in the Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour. It brings to the event a real drive to take on the biggest waves in the world. No risk, no reward. This makes for an exciting final 2 rounds".

1    Grant Baker     South Africa    2000.00
2    Ken Collins     USA    1059.38
3    Nic Lamb    USA    905.00
4    Shane Dorian     Hawaii    810.00
5    Ryan Augenstein     USA    630.00
6    Greg Long  USA    629.38
6    Ramon Navarro  Chile    629.38
8    Tyler Fox   USA    540.00
8    Adur Letamendia   Basque Country    540.00
10    Jamie Mitchell  Australia    429.38
11    Natxo Gonzalez    Basque Country    379.38
11    Zach Wormhoudt    USA    379.38
13    David Bustamante     Basque Country    360.00
13    Anthony  Tashnick    USA    360.00
15     Kohl  Christensen   Hawaii    329.38
15    Alex  Martins  Brasil    329.38
15    Pete Mel  USA    329.38
18    Mark  Healey   Hawaii    299.38
18    Aaron Ungerleider   Hawaii    299.38
20    Grant Washburn     USA    295.00

Full rankings list can be found here  

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