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C-Skins Wetsuits launch new seam construction


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C-Skins Wetsuits announce the release of Power Seam on the HotWired Steamer

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 August, 2012 : - - Power Seam is a brand new liquid seam system which builds on the success of the traditional Liquid Seam System (LQS) brought to you by C-Skins Wetsuits. We ve worked closely with our factories to ensure an evolution of LQS would come in the near future and here it is!

The key advantages of Power Seam are that its up to 50% lighter than traditional liquid tape as well as being more durable. We ve achieved the weight reduction by reducing the width of Power Seam which ranges from 3mm – 5mm as opposed to traditional liquid tape being 8mm – 10mm. The other great thing about Power Seam is that its available in colour, so we re able to inject some colour into the suits this winter.

Power Seam wetsuits have now been with our Team riders for over 1 year and the feedback has all been super positive. Fergal Smith has been stoked with the new Seam saying “I really cant believe how much lighter the suits feel with the new Power Seam, its a real step forwards in wetsuit construction in my opinion”

Power Seam will be hitting core surf retailers who have ordered the HotWired 5x4x3 for the upcoming Autumn/Winter sales season. Not only does the HotWired boast the new Power Seam it also features other new impressive features such as QuickDri 15 poly Pro lining which dries in 15 minutes, the C-Skins free floating Enigma Zip system and internal Ultra Stretch C-Flex Hot Tape which makes the suit completely stitchless.

Source: C-Skins

Author: Mark Brown

Tags: Wetsuits, C-Skins, FutureFit

Industry: Surfersvillage


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