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Indo's first female surf star gets documentary

Campaign raises funds for film about Bonnee Gea
Bonne Gea wins 2011 Billabong Cherating Pro © Tim Hain / ASC





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Campaign raises funds for film about Bonnee Gea

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 October, 2014 - The story focuses on Bonne Gea who is a phenomenal surfer and an exception in many ways as she was the first female surfer in Nias and carried on surfing despite all the odds to become 5 times Indonesian Women’s Surfing Champion. Although the film focuses on surfing it is also a story of triumph over adversity and the island serves as a microcosm for change on a global scale so we explore big issues through a personal story. 

NIAS is a point of change. The story of an island transformed by surfing since the discovery of the perfect right-hand wave at Lagundri Bay in the 1970s ... as told through the eyes of a local girl, BONNE, who grew up at ‘the point’ and is now sponsored on the ASC Tour… 

This is a girl's view of 'The Point' - an inspirational story of a young girl from Nias who, without the adventurous spirit of those early surfing pioneers and surf tourists to inspire her, might have taken a very different path. Turning her back on the traditional path assigned to her, she blazed her own trail, becoming five times Indonesian Women's Surfing Champion and has claimed the Asian Women's Surfing Champion title too. 

Nias is an extraordinary place with a rich ancient culture that was changed by surfing forever. This spot, 'the Point' offers a unique window into human nature and cultural change, told to us by a local girl against a backdrop of a perfect right-hand wave that is one of the best waves in the world. 


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