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Captain Fin mixes design and performance

Captain Fin
$66 - $83

The CF Series template was designed for reliable performance and has quickly become a favorite amongst the Captain Fin team. This template is a perfect balance of drive, pivot and hold and will deliver in all types of conditions. If you can have only one set of fins, this template is the one to have. Seriously.

Compatible: Futures
Construction: Honeycomb RTM
Weight: MED: 140 - 190 lbs
F.Height: 4.55
Base: 4.5
Area: 15.48 
Foil: Flat
R.Height: 4.35
Base: 4.3 
Area: 13.82 
Foil: 80/20
Flex: Medium

Creed McTaggart Large
If you haven't noticed, Creed spends a lot of time above the lip and lying down powerful gouges. For that kind of speed and control he wanted to go with a larger template with a classic proven outline. So whether you are taking it to the air or laying it on a rail the Creed McTaggart fin has you covered.

Compatible: Single Tab
Construction: Honeycomb RTM
Weight: LRG - 175+ lbs
F.Height: 4.7 
Base: 4.62 
Area: 15.33 
Foil: Flat



The CF-Quad 4.69 fin is our best selling quad template that generates tons of speed and works well in retro boards as well as modern day quads. The raked back design tends to favor long down-the-line waves and handles the punchy beach breaks with style.

Compatible: Futures
Construction: Honeycomb RTM

F.Height: 4.69 
Base: 4.34 
Area: 16.2 
Foil: Flat
R.Height: 3.26 
Base: 3.58 
Area: 9.28 
Foil: 80/20
Flex: Medium



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