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'Chocolate Water Groms Battle' rocks Pancer Point...

 Podium : photo Yayak Antara

Chocolate Water Groms Battle

ISC Tour 
Pancer Point Break, East Java
7 - 8 August 2010

Pacitan Grom Foundation holds Chocolate Water Groms Battle and its a huge success

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 August, 2010 : - - After holding the successful unhidden Point Pacitan Comp 2010 back in May, it was time for the Pacitan Grom Foundation to hold a surfing competition just for the grommets.  Titled the Chocolate Water Groms Battle, it was held at a rivermouth (Pancer Point Break) with a long left hand wave that sometimes gets chocolate colored from the river water.

This contest also helped the government to promote "Pancer Beach" as a public tourism place, as it will soon have better facilities to make it easier for people to go there and hang out. The morning started off with good 3-foot wave conditions, making the groms very exited to jump in the water.  And even before the contest began, many of the contestants paddled out for a warm up surf.


Contest Set up : photo Yayak Antara

At 7:15 am the first heat of the Under 18 grommets hit the water, very excited because they were thinking about the grand prize of a new surfboard from Coca-Cola isc. By 11:00 am the results were in for the Under 18’s, with winner Supri saying “the waves were perfect and I got to meet Hambali in the final. He was a tough competitor but I had to win!!!! "  Supri was very stoked also with his new Coca-Cola surfboard.
In the Under 16 division the competition was also tight, with these young kids all showing their good skill, and winner Ryan coming home with a new Solife surfboard. In the Girls Division, Salini dominated by catching some great waves. All the girls looked to have no fear of getting burned by the sun!


Rider : Photo Yayak Antara

By 2:00 pm the competition was done and the winner’s prizes were presented. The event continued with traditional beach games, tree planting and beach cleaning.  The attendees were very enthusiastic and at the end of the beach cleaning they all got free giveaways from the sponsors.  It was really great. After the event was wrapped up the beach looked much cleaner and many little trees were planted that hopefully will grow up to make our environment better and more comfortable.

Contest Results
Under 18

Under 16
# 1 : RYAN
# 2 : RAFIKI
# 3 : HERU

# 1 : SALINI
# 2 : YUYUN
# 3 : YULI
# 4 : WENA

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