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CJ Hobgood & Steph Gilmore win in Hawaii on FCS fins


CJ Hobgood : photo ASP Rowland/Covered Images

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CJ Hobgood and Steph Gilmore win in Hawaii on FCS fins

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 December, 2008 : - - CJ Hobgood has continued his run of amazing results through the second half of the 2008 ASP World Tour season by claiming victory at the O’Neill World Cup at Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. In some of the most challenging conditions ever seen at Sunset Beach, CJ put his signature FCS GOODS-1 fin through its paces in wave heights that reached 15 feet throughout the event.

In an amazing display of backhand surfing CJ dominated the final over the natural footers with huge hooks under the lip and some committed rail carves on the open face. The win tops off an amazing run of event wins. In the second half of 2008 CJ has claimed victories at the WCT event at Mundaka in Spain, the World ISA Games in Portugal, and he can now add a prestigious Hawaiian WQS to the list.

CJ’s victories coincide with the release of the Hobgoods signature fin, the FCS GOODS-1. The new FCS GOODS-1 fin was two years in the making and it has taken CJ much less time to validate the fins performance. CJ rode the FCS GOODS-1 throughout the Sunset event effectively giving it his stamp of approval, proving the fin is just as good in mushy beach breaks as it is on the huge mountainous waves found in Hawaii.

The GOODS-1 was developed to meet the demands of CJ and Damien Hobgood and was designed primarily for fast, radical, performance surfing. The Hobgood’s wanted an all-round fin they could use anywhere in the world in a wide range of board sizes. The FCS GOODS-1 certainly seems to be living up to the brief as CJ has now used the fin on his way to victories in surf ranging from 2 to 15 feet.

Many of the Hobgood’s fellow competitors have gravitated towards the new FCS GOODS-1 given its consistent feel and the overall performance of the fin. You will find the FCS GOODS-1 in any ‘good’ surf shop.


Stephanie Gilmore : photo ASP Cestari/Covered Images


Gilmore Secures World Title on FCS DHD-2

Stephanie Gilmore has claimed her second consecutive ASP Women’s World Title with an emphatic win at the Roxy Pro at Sunset Beach riding the FCS DHD-2 fin. The young Australian defeated fellow finalists Silvana Lima, Jessi Miley-Dyer and Nicola Atherton in the three-to-five feet waves at Sunset Point in Hawaii effectively claiming back to back World Titles.

Throughout the year Steph has been using the FCS DHD-2 fins at many of the events on the ASP Women’s World Tour. The fin was designed by internationally renowned shaper Darren Handley and is another popular choice with the DHD team and many of world’s best surfers. The FCS DHD-2 features an adjustable centre fin allowing surfers to customize their equipment to suit a variety of different surf conditions. Darren Handley commented “You can move it forward for beachies and back for point breaks. This is the only fin in the FCS range with this feature”.

Steph used this feature to her advantage throughout the year by moving the back fin forward to suit the punchy beach breaks of France and Brazil and then moving the fin back to suit the long walls of Bells, Snapper and Sunset. Darren said “It’s a great all round performance fin that you can use in a variety of conditions. It’s got plenty of stiffness in the base for added drive off the bottom and a narrow tip for quick release out of turns, and slide off the lip”.

In 2007 Steph was riding glass-on fins for the majority of the World Tour events, but in 2008 she consistently used the FCS system. Her equipment clearly played a major roll in securing this years title and by understanding how fins work Steph has become more in tune with her boards. This has given her an advantage over her competitors by knowing she can change her fins to suit a variety of different boards and surf conditions.

FCS continues to work closely with the world’s best shapers and surfers to ensure our fins are of the highest quality and performance standard. A rigorous product development program involving extensive research and testing goes into each and every fin produced. The result is the world’s largest and most comprehensive range of technically superior fins available.

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