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CJ Hobgood wins Body Glove Surf Bout with FCS quad


CJ Hobgood : photo ASP North America


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ASP Four Star WQS Mens Event
Lower Trestles, San Clemente Ca.
24 - 28 April 2007

C. J. Hobgood wins Jeep Body Glove Surf Bout on a quad

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 April, 2007 : - - Lower Trestles: C. J. Hobgood,  the 2001 W. C. T. world champion, returned to the winners circle at the Jeep, Body Glove Surf Bout. This time on a quad. 

C.J explained… “The Surf had been fun but kinda funky all week, not the right direction for lowers so it was a bit softer than usual. I really wanted to win this event but I started to think I was taking things too seriously and should just start having some fun.  I had picked up a new quad the day before from my shaper Bill Johnson.  As I was driving away he' yelled stop you don't have any quad fins.”

Bill gave him a set of the new FCS, SF-4 Stretch quad fins. C. J. tried the board and the fins in his quarterfinal and went on to win the event. “The quad felt really loose and really fast. The waves were kind of marginal and that board just flew. My brother and I have been working a lot with FCS on different fin designs, it was neat to feel how the quad would skate off the bottom and drive through these fast arcing top turns.

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Although I’m pretty focused on thrusters for Tahiti ( my boards are already packed and I’m amped to get down there.) when I get back I’ll definitely start playing with all the different FCS quad combinations to get that board really tuned in for small surf. “

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