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Classic Malibu shaper will be at UWL workshop in April



Classic Malibu shaper will be at UWL workshop in April

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 April, 2006 : - - Peter White, the owner and head shaper of Classic Malibu has spent many years developing boards on these amazing point breaks. He has travelled extensively and when he moved to Noosa Heads in the mid 1980’s started making Malibu’s. Since then he has been at the forefront of the new long board revolution in Australia.

Peter has been manufacturing surfboards for the past 40 years and is well known for his expertise and passion for quality and precision with all the boards he makes. He started making his own surfboards in Victoria, Australia way back in 1967.

He spent his youth travelling the world shaping and glassing boards in places like Devon, England and Spain.  This was back in the mid 70’s and later in the 1980’s he did the same in the USA.

He has trained many a board manufacturer over the years, not least is his own son Brett White who also competes on the Australian Professional long board circuit.

The Classic Malibu team boasts some of Australia’s best surfers.  With the likes of Grant Thomas, Ian Bell, and Michael Bellamy always ranked in the top 5 positions and strong backup from Brett White, Craig Harvey and Rob Emslie.

New Zealand’s Kelly Ryan who was last years Professional and Amateur Champion also chooses to ride Classic Malibu‘s. Go to any competition throughout the word and you are sure to see at least a few Classic Malibu boards, but in Australia they are the predominant board ridden by serious competitors.

 We have Western Australia’s Junior Champion Michael McCormick, and up and coming junior in QLD and Victoria. Our Soul surfer is Jai Lee who is one of the world’s best nose riders, hence our Jai Lee Model which has been named after him. He has travelled the world extensively and features on many of the “soul” long board DVD’s.

Jai has surfed a Classic Malibu since he was only 10 years old and loves the glide and nose riding that he gets  from the model now named after him since he beat his boyhood hero Kevin Connelly at the Noosa Festival of Surfing in 2004.

Peter is in Europe in April so its time to order a good custom Longboard

CLASSIC MALIBU to UWL WORKSHOP Zac des fourneaux 17690 ANGOULINS tel +33 5 46 27 00 27, Fax +33 5 46 27 03 27

Peter White , fondateur de Classic Malibu dans les années 80 , est à la tête d'une révolution dans le longboard australien.nTout commença à Victoria en 1967 , Peter revenais de voyage, aprés avoir fait le tour du monde à shaper et surfer, formant d'autres shapers, jusqu'à son fils Brett White maintenant Surfer Professionnel du Circuit Australien.

Le top 5 australien est toujours composé de riders Classic Malibu comme Grant Thomas , Ian Bell , Kelly's Ryan. Le plus connu d'entre eux , Jay Lee l'un des meilleurs nose rider au monde. "Jay Surf nos boards depuis l'age de 10 ans , il a meme maintenant son propre modele depuis qu'il a battu son meilleur ami Kevin Connelly au Noosa festival 2004." Si voulez vous partager une biére avec Peter, venez le rencontrer du 25 Avril au 10 mai , Chez UWL Surfboards .... 

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