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Clay Marzo joins Kelly on the Komunity Project team

Clay Marzo © Komunity


Team Updates

Maui's Marzo one of just a few surfers on Komunity team

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 May, 2011 : - - Komunity Project is extremely pleased to announce Maui surfer Clay Marzo will join founder Kelly Slater on KP’s International Pro Surf team. Kelly; 'I'm stoked to have Clay join up our team. He's one of the sickest surfers on the planet and makes things nobody else thinks of. I hope to translate that into any product he wants and just to get a couple more surf trips with him in the process'.

Twenty-year old Clay grew up on Maui, Hawaii where his parents, both avid surfers, had him in the water more than on dry land. His talents in the water were noticed at a very young age and he became a sponsored surfer at the age of nine. When Marzo was 10 years old he won the Hawaii State 200m Freestyle in swimming, exhibiting amazing, natural talent in the water and thus began to focus solely on surfing as he got older.

Other accomplishments include a nomination for Maneuver of the Year at the 2007 Surfer Poll Awards, Water Man of the Year 2006. In 2005 he won his first big contest, the NSSA Open Men’s National Championship, which opened doors for him to film with the world’s best surfers. Next, he appeared in Quiksilver’s “Young Guns 2 & 3”, “Tomorrow Today” and in 2008 his video “Just Add Water” earned him, “Best Male Performance,” at the Surfer Poll Awards.

Additionally, in 2010 Clay was featured on ABC Nightly News, in Rolling Stone Magazine and at the same time ranked # 2 on Surfer magazine’s “Hot 100” of the best young surfers on the Planet.


Clay Marzo © Ocean & Earth


Terry Hardy, Kelly’s friend and manager noted; “Clay is such a unique and amazing talent and we are so happy to have him part of our Komunity...” Clay is one of the most dynamic and photographed surfers in the world.  Ever since bursting onto the scene several years back with a perfect 20 point finals heat in the NSSA Nationals comp, he has been a perennial magazine and video favorite. 
Say’s Clay; "I am really stoked and proud to be a part of Kelly's Komunity team. Obviously, it is cool to be one of just a few team members with Kelly.  The traction and all the other Komunity products are insane, and I am psyched to push them to the limits." 

At 20 years old and not competing on a regular basis, Clay's current primary focus is key editorial trips and constantly working on the next video part...  “Clay’s the real deal, an authentic and passionate free spirit who lets his surfing do the talking” Dave Nielsen, VP Americas for Komunity Project points out; “we’re all really stoked on the opportunity for Kelly to add Clay’s ideas and feedback into the product mix!”

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