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Climate change drives biodiversity loss in many species


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Climate change driving biodiversity loss in many species

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 October, 2008 : - - Climate change is one of the greatest environmental threats facing the planet and is driving biodiversity loss, affecting both individual species and their ecosystems.
Each animal responds to climate change in a unique way, depending on its ability to tolerate temperature fluctuations, migrate to new locations and adapt to new food sources. By filming them in their natural habitat, WWF-Belgium lets the animals speak directly to us about how climate change is impacting their way of life.

The video clips are part of WWF’s Climate Trackers campaign, aimed at encouraging Europeans to get involved in combating global warming. Through select animals, issues such as melting sea ice, shifting ocean currents, rising sea levels and rising temperatures are investigated.

ESA’s fleet of Earth observation satellites has gathered enormous amounts of data needed for attributing the causes of climate change, analysing the potential impacts and evaluating adaptation options.

These data, archived over 30 years and increasing daily, will form the basis for ESA’s Climate Change Initiative – a new Programme Proposal that will be presented to the ESA Ministerial Council in November 2008.

The WWF Climate Trackers campaign was realised with the support of ESA, the European Commission, Tetra Pak, Mostra Communication, Triangle7, Université libre de Bruxelles, the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office and the WWF offices of Austria, Hungary and Poland.

  Surfrider Foundation, SAS, Surf-Aid, Reef Check,
    Coeur de Foret, Mountain Rider, Eurosima
         Supported by Quiksilver Foundation 

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Source: ESA

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