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Club contest gets heated in birthplace of Mexican surfing

Chloe Buckley © Nacho Felix



Baja Surf Club Invitational 

San Miguel, Ensenada
16 - 17 January 2016

Baja Surf Club Invitational returns after more than 50 years

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 January, 2016 - The Baja Surf Club Invitational has returned after 50 years of absence. Nacho Felix, founder of the club gave an emotional speech to all the surfers in the event: 'This is the birthplace of Mexican Surfing and the gathering place for surfers since the 60's, the souls of many good surfers of this region are here'.

He remembered Windansea Surf Club champions like Skip Frye, as well as great surf performances of Miki Dora, and David Nuuhiwa. 'Keep this tradition alive'.

We were also honored to have with us Luis Skeen, President of the Mexican Surfing Federation who also commented on the importance of bringing back this historic event.

San Miguel © Nacho Felix


With perfect waves running 8 to 12 feet (same day the Todos Santos challenge was on) all the surfer's had a blast. Local surfer Kevin Meza won the event and the series.

San Diego surfer Demi Buesteri  won in the women's division, and Californian Chloe Buckley was crowned champion of the Baja Bound Surf Series.

The Baja Surf Club won for the first time in 50 years the Baja Surf Club Invitational. Thanks to our main sponsor Fu Manchu, the art of surf and skate, as well as Wildcoast, Baja Bound Insurance, and United Athletes of the Pacific Ocean-UAPO for your support.


Kevin Meza © Nacho Felix


2016 Baja Surf Club Invitational

Open Men's  Club
1 Kevin Meza Baja Surf Club
2 Jason Belaug
3 Sean Pearson Pink Taco Surf Club
4 Kei Kobayashi Baja Surf Club

Open Women's
1 Demi Buesteri
2 Tiare Thomson Windansea Surf Club
3 Kiana Fores
4 Sara Taylor

Under 16 Boy's
1 Noah Slawson Swamis Surf Club
2 Moises Michel Baja Surf Club
3 Zicki Garcia Rosarito Surf Club
4 Ben Brantell

Under 16 Girl's
1 Kirra Pinkerton
2 Tiare Thomson Windansea Surf Club
3 Metzli Olmos Baja Surf Club

Longboard Men's
1 Cole Magro Pacific Beach Surf Club
2 Fernando Viramontes Baja Surf Club
3 Jon Roseman Windansea Surf Club
4 Pierre Moore Pacific Beach Surf Club

Longboard Women's
1 Jessica Taft
2 Kasi Perkins
3 Natana Gulliver Baja Surf Club
4 Lauren Canaran

Master's Men
1 Sean Fowler Baja Bound Surf Team
2 Luis Barboza Pink Taco Surf Team
3 Craig Macia
4 Masaki Kobayashi

Baja Surf Club Invitational

Club's Ranking Points
1 Baja Surf Club 11 122
2 Windansea Surf Club 7 908
3 Baja Bound  3 926
4 Pink Taco Surf 3 005
5 Pacific Beach 2 648
6 Swami's Surf Club 2 617
7 Air Manos 1 634
8 Wildcoast Surf  1 617
9 OT Beach 1 348
10 Rosarito Surf Club 810

2015/16 Baja Bound Surf Series

Open Men's
1 Kevin Meza
2 Matt Beres
3 Kei Kobayashi
4 Jason Belgau
5 Jay Christenson
6 Sean Pearson
7 Kevin Whatley
8 Rodger Eales
9 Sean Fowler
9 Vito Roccoforte
10 Kyle Knox
10 Javier Meza
10 Max Gardenier
11 Charbel Azzi
12 Michael Roccoforte
13 Alex Reynolds
14 Ben Walter
15 Terrence Gillard
16 Daniel Dedina
17 Juan Corral
18 Sergio Martins
19 Masaki Kobayashi
20 Levi Slawson
20 Pierre Geoffroy

Baja Surf Club Invitational, Ensenada, Mexico, Club Contests, Baja
Alfredo F Ramirez

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