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Coco Ho: Women's tour deserves Hawaiian finish

Coco Ho © ASP/Cestari

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Five Reasons the Women’s Tour Should Finish in Hawaii

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 June, 2013 : - - A few weeks ago The Inertia sat down with Coco Ho and asked her to share her thoughts on a wide variety of topics, one being the ASP Women’s World Tour and when, if, and why it should finish up in Hawaii. Here’s what she had to say:

At the end of the day, the ASP Women’s World Tour  needs events in better waves, and that’s what the ASP’s new CEO, Paul Speaker, says he plans to accomplish. We don’t care if we have just seven events, if they’re all in perfect waves. The better the waves are, the better the results will be for women’s surfing. As for the Women’s Tour finishing up in Hawaii, here are five reasons I think women’s surfing needs to finish in Hawaii.

1. Surfing originated in Hawaii. It only makes sense. It’s essentially our state's identity, and among the best features we have to offer. Hawaii is surfing.

2. It’s got the best waves, period.

3. Hawaii has a lot of world champions; so it's a great showcase that proves why they came from Hawaii.

4. The women deserve serious waves. We deserve the challenge and the opportunity to show our level of surfing; few places provide that opportunity as effectively as Hawaii does.

5. If the guys finish in Hawaii, then it’s only right that we do too.

Source: The Inertia

Author: Coco Ho

Tags: Hawaii, Women's World Tour, ASP

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