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Cold, hard bodysurfing through a European winter




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Les Palmes & Le Couteau launch bodysurfing film

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 January, 2017 - A handful of die-hard aqua men have produced the first European Bodysurf movie to promote the sport and its riders. Shot through the whole winter season to get the best swells from around the Basque Country, Spain and Portugal, the film features some truly amazing slamming shore break and scenic beach set ups.

The film follows Joel Badina, Yann Badina, Lucas Espil, Jean Lemonnier, Antton Libier and Alberte Vidal as they enjoy conditions not always suited for surfboards.

"Through this movie, we want to show how bodysurfers are looking for the perfect harmony with the ocean.” the group said. "Alone with only his fins, facing the ocean hugeness and its tantrums, he wants to become part of the waves to enjoy the pure glide. With full respect of his environment, the bodysurfer tries to master it without ever confronting it, trying to know more about it to make the best of it and survive…”

At just under half an hour long, the film takes us through the heaviness that is Europe’s favourite beach breaks. Produced by Rémi Blanc and Antoine Justes with Music by Waring.


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