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ISPO's Cold Water Surf station creates gathering place in Munich



Industry Updates

Bluemag Germany partners to create hub of coldwater surfing

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 February, 2016 - This year ISPO Munich hosted a Cold Water Surfing space sponsored by Patagonia. Over the course of the three-day show hundreds of cold water surfers, industry execs, sales reps and others who live and breathe European surfing, passed through the centrally located space to exchange ideas.

Jet-lagged Patagonia wetsuit designer from the U.S. Hub Hubbard gave a talk about the use of non-neoprene Yulex in the Patagonia line of wetsuits, Wetty Wetsuits displayed their unique bootie collection with wild graphics and Onda wetsuits displayed their premium suits from Portugal.

One of the most creative outfits to set up shop at the Cold Water Surfing station was Westkust, a Netherlands company that seeks to put surfboard production into the hands of a DIY army. With 3D printers and cardboard templates offered for free download; they are dead set on changing an industry.

As a partner of the cold water surfing platform at ISPO Germany's Bluemag met and interviewed the guys from Westkust (look for free surfboard download info appearing soon on and many others from this year's ISPO (video below). 



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