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Community turns out to remember shark attack victim

Elio Canestri © Facebook




Boy remembered as always smiling and happy

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 April, 2015 - Hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects to Elio Canestri who was killed this weekend by a shark on Reunion Island. Friends and family from the tight-knit Reunion surf community gathered at Les Aigrettes beach near the scene of the attack to share thoughts and memories of Elio.

One witness told local radio: “'It is horrific. The boy was always smiling and happy – everybody knew him.

A Facebook page has been setup to honor the talented 13-year-old at RIP Elio Canestri

During a hunt for the animal responsible for the attack, an endangered Tiger shark was killed. Examination revealed that the Tiger shark played no part in Canestri’s death.

Reports say Elio was attacked in an area closed to swimming. He was about 50 feet offshore. The shark knocked him off the board and dragged him out to sea inflicting major wounds on his arms, legs and stomach.

Though a boat managed to pull Elio from the water and take him back to the shore, he soon died from his wounds.

It is not yet clear of the species of shark that carried out the attack was but specialised boats were deployed for “targeted fishing in the immediate area around the attack,” said the local authorities in a statement.

The island of Reunion has a high concentration of both Tiger and Bull sharks, the two species responsible for the most sharks attacks behind the Great White.

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