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Company bridges online and brick & mortar retail gap

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Brands Use Quivers to Drive Sales and Customers to stores

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 April, 2014 - Quivers International, a leading global provider of e-Commerce enabling software, released a new version of the Quivers™ Platform V2.  

Channel conflict exists when retailers feel threated by a brand selling directly online to consumers. In a recent poll, retailers put “competition from manufacturers [selling] direct” as their #1 most serious concern (Transworld Business, Summer 2013). In another recent poll of over 1,300 retailers, more than 70% of retailers noted that they would reduce or stop buying from a brand that started selling direct to consumers. (Shopatron 2012 Study).

The Quivers solution is designed to give a brand control over e-Commerce business without competing with or alienating their supply chain. Too often a brand’s e-Commerce initiative isolates its overall strategy to build and strengthen sales. Brands are challenged to grow their businesses, yet unfortunately they give up control over the direction of this growth when e-Commerce derails the core objectives at the retail and consumer levels.

ABOUT QUIVERS INTERNATIONAL CEO and Co-Founder Brant Berger applied for software patents in 1999 when his snowboard company started receiving severe backlash after selling direct online.  Berger recalls,

“Retailers wanted me to protect them, dot-coms wanted me to sell to them, so it was a huge battle. If a brand is trying to sell online today, he is still competing with his retail base. He’s not partnering with them in any way. Moreover, brands are hurting overall sales while threatened retailers order less and less product from the brands."

"When wholesale orders typically represent the largest percentage of overall sales, and wholesale orders drop, it can kill a brand. However, when supporting these valuable retailers that represent a brand, wholesale orders increase as does the support for the brand over the long term”.

“A tremendous amount of thought has been put into the platform which gives total control to the brand,” explains Quivers President, Jason Linker. “The Quivers solution is a dynamic sales and marketing tool which will benefit the brand and the retailer, increasing sales for both while resolving channel conflict. Our goal is to create a win-win situation between both parties.”

The Quivers platform has now been adopted by over one hundred brands across four continents, including many high-profile Action Sports brands such as: Firewire Surfboards, Ronix Wakeboards, Liquid Force Kiteboards, Hyperflex Wetsuits, Ocean Rodeo, Rockwell Watches and more.

“Consumers today expect to be able to order direct from a manufacturer's website, putting manufacturers at odds with their retailers. Recognizing this, Ocean Rodeo chose to work with Quivers International as it allows us to funnel orders received online to our retailers for fulfillment.

"Specifically though, we chose Quivers because of the innovation they've brought to this space, the ease of use of their system, and their notification process for dealers which includes iPhone and iPad apps, SMS and email options to ensure orders are captured quickly and communications are sent in a timely manner to the consumer. I can comfortably say, I would recommend this system to any manufacturer or distributor looking to meet consumer demand for access while balancing retailer's expectations of support and geographic exclusivity.”  - John Zimmerman, Sales and Marketing Manager of Ocean Rodeo 

HOW IT WORKS The Quivers platform integrates directly within a brand’s website and allows them to accept online orders. Depending on the brand’s strategy, they can fulfill the order directly, or send it out to their authorized retailers for fulfillment. The system works on a series of timers and can broadcast out to preferred retailers, local retailers, or international distributors.

Once a consumer places an order, Quivers broadcasts out a signal to authorized dealers in the form of an instant test /SMS, email and/or smart phone notification. The retailer receives this notification, and if they have the product in stock, they can immediately claim the order with one click, and it is theirs for fulfillment. The retailer can ship the product out or arrange for an in-store pickup.

This method rewards those retailers for stocking product, incentivizes them to stock more inventory, and strengthens the relationships between the retailers and the brand. 

With their recent success, Quivers is looking to reinvent how brands and dealers can work together, across a multitude of industries. Quivers Co-Founder and CTO, Ruben Martin is consistently getting feedback from current and prospective clients.  

“We pride ourselves on creating the easy-to-use and simple tools based on adding business value, saving time and maximizing efficiency,” shares Martin. “We want to deliver leading edge software so brands can manage their online businesses as desired. Taking the time to understand their needs is essential”. New feature sets of Quivers V2 include: cross merchandising with selected brands, B2B, a new order routing engine, and an environment where brands can approach potential dealers on the platform, and vice versa. 

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