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Corky Carroll addresses the surf trip destination dilemma


Corky's Column

Corky Carroll addresses surf trip destination dilemna

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 November, 2008 : - - Many of you are surf adventurers.  You like to get away from the samo samo of your crowded local shore breaks and go to wonderful far away locations.  The dream of perfectly peeling waves in warm waters.  The vision of a tropical paradise with swaying palm trees and gentle breezes flowing though your hair.  Basking in the warm sun and relaxing in a sea of tranquility.

Then it comes time to plan your trip and you are faced with the dilemma of “where do I go?”   Well fret no long amigos and amigas, I am here to solve that problem.  What you need is a week at Corkys.  That’s right.  I am offering surf adventures right here at my home just north of Zihautanejo, Mexico.  Come and stay with my beautiful wife Raquel and myself for a week and surf with me everyday in the perfect waves of Mainland Mexico. 

Right out the front door is a great point break and an outside reef break.  This is an amazingly fertile stretch of coast for waves.  The water is 80 degrees all year around and the air is normally somewhere in the 80’s.  This is a true tropical paradise.

We can take from one to five people and only book one party at a time.  If you come alone it’s your week.  If you bring a pal or two or your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever the casa is still all yours for that week.  We do an all-inclusive package.  All you meals and drinks are included as well as transportation to and from the airport.  I can offer surf coaching one on one daily if you want it. 

I also have longboards for your use if you don’t want to bother with bringing your own.  At this time I don’t have any shortboards at the house though. Our casa is located right on the beach at a surf spot called La Saladita.  We have satellite television, a pool and wireless internet (bring a laptop).  There are also a number of other great surf breaks in the local area.

Zihautanejo is a short flight from most U.S. cities.  We meet you at the airport when you get here.  It’s an easy trip.  So there it is kiddies.  The perfect surf trip to a tropical paradise with great waves and warm water with great food and a cool place to stay.  It’s all set up for ya, all you have to do is get here.

The 2008/2009 surf season is just getting underway and we are starting to book up.  So get ahold of me ASAP to reserve your week.  Email me for more information and availability at   We would love to have you as our guests.

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