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Corky Carroll believes today's surfers are full of stoke

 Kelly Slater © ASP / Kirstin


Corky Carroll

Senior surfers stick together to hold off the hordes of nasty agro kidbots

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 June, 2012 : - - I did something rare for me today. I watched the final rounds of the Fiji Professional surf event on the Internet. My Internet is too slow; I have the old smoke signal speed with 1 milabit of bandwidth, to watch any kind of video or live feed. But we were at my mother-in-law's house and she has high speed, and I had wanted to see some of it.
Last year I started following the professional World Tour because I was interested to see if Kelly Slater could win his 11th world title at the age of 39. In competitive pro surfer years that is akin to being a total geezer. I was pullin' for the old dude the whole way. Us senior surfers need to stick together to hold off the hordes of nasty agro kidbots who are violently intent on world domination and the spread of nuclear surf rabies and mad red bull disease.

My rooting paid off because Slater did indeed win his 11th World Championship. And, with the rekindled interest in competitive pro surfing, at least from an interested spectator's vantage point, I was able to update myself on just how amazing the top surfers of the world are these days. For years I have put myself more than less out of the mainstream of all that and find more bliss on uncrowded days in tropical paradises with great surf, warm water, cold drinks and hot babes than I do watching a surfing contest. Always figured, "been there, done that."

But the truth is I might have been there but these dudes are doing a whole lot of "that" that I have only dreamed about. The surfing is just out and out amazing.
So, back to the point of my story: I was watching the Fiji Pro and just got blown away by some of the surfing and the excitement of the whole thing. C.J. Hobgood pulled off a come-from-behind win in one of the quarter final heats with one of the most out and out screaming tube rides I have seen ever.

And Kelly Slater was, well.... Kelly Slater. Age 40 or not, the dude is still the king of the hill. He schooled dem punks, as they say. Can he win yet another world title at 40? It is definitely possible. It'd hard to not say probable, but there is too much serious young competition and too many variables to use that word. But it is safe to say that he has a good shot at it if he keeps surfing like he did in the Fiji Pro for the rest of the year.

I know this is on a different subject but this kind of backs up my theory that Kobe Bryant still has five seriously good seasons left in him, and if the Lakers can just put together the right pieces he can win at least two or three more rings. If Kelly can win at 40 then so can Kobe.

Speaking of geezers, I would like to take a few lines to promote my own 2012 Corky Carroll Universal International "Air out the old geezer" World Mega Tour that is coming to Orange County next weekend. On Friday and Saturday, June 22 and 23, I will be at Don the Beachcombers in Surfside for luncheons both days and a huge "Battle of the Surf Bands" concert on Friday night.

It's the perfect kick off to the summer surf event and includes the dedication of the new Corky Carroll Longboard Room. Then on Sunday, the 24th, I will be at DeLillo Chevrolet in Huntington Beach from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. for a "meet and greet" that will include free hot dogs, drinks and a raffle for a brand new 7'6" Walden Corky Magic Cow Model surfboard. I really hope to see you and a lot of my old pals at one or both of these super fun events.

Lastly, Sunday is the last day to enter my Father's Day Human Touch Massage Chair giveaway contest. It's free, fun and very easy. Just email me a short description of your father in five words or less. The entry I like best will win a very wonderful Human Touch Massage Chair similar to my own "chairway to heaven."
You can give it to your pop or keep it for yourself. Entries close at 5 p.m. Sunday.

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