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Cyrus Sutton

Encinitas, California
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Emmy winning-filmmaker and founder of the website, Cyrus Sutton has become an ambassador for indie surf culture that respects “self-sufficiency, craftsmanship, and surfing for our own design.” A talented surfer with smooth, flowing style, “Cy” once pursued a career as a professional surfer, but an injury put him behind the lens of a camera instead. He lives in his conversion van, hunting for waves and spreading the digital aloha by chronicling his travels.


25 October, 2015 - INDUSTRY: Cyrus Sutton has teamed up with some friends to create the most sustainable, highest performing sunscreen on the market. Comprised...
1 May, 2013 : - INDUSTRY: Artist Cyrus Sutton is a throwback. It's not so much about the boards he rides, but a throwback to the surfer as an individual....


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