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Cyrus Sutton airs signature Reef line

Cyrus Sutton © Reef

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The Reef X Cyrus Sutton Collection Launches for Summer

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 May, 2013 : - - Artist Cyrus Sutton is a throwback. It's not so much about the boards he rides, but a throwback to the surfer as an individual. Cy understands our system of goods and services, and while he may askew consumerism, he's is not afraid of hard work. To truly live DIY ethics requires a lot of just that.

A photographer, award winning filmmaker (lives in a van and won an Emmy) and outdoorsman, whether surviving in rugged wilderness or your yard. And his minimalistic collection reflects that --organic t's, simple caps, and basic boardies with Reef's subtle attributes. Surf teams are built to sell product. But as long as we're putting athletes on a pedestal, why not make it the ones who can teach us something besides great turns?

Source: Reef

Author: Jim Carolan

Tags: Reef, Shoes, Video, Cyrus Sutton

Industry: Surfersvillage


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