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Roberto D’amico & Leo Fioravanti trip across the Med




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3000 KM journey captures the beauty, surf and adventure to be found in the Mediterranean

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 October, 2016 - We thought now was good time to rewind and take a look at what the Mediterranean has to offer. Last season Roberto D’amico and Leo Fioravanti were lucky enough to score a day in which the stars aligned and a fresh swell lit up a special break in Italy. They then continued their journey deeper into Italy...

"I live in Ladispoli, a little town twenty minutes from Rome, and where Leonardo Fioravanti lives 5 minutes to my house in Cerveteri. We grow up surfing together in the same spots and finally after years, we had a good swell when we were both there at the same time!" said Roberto D’amico.

"The second part of this film shows a swell in Autumn, this time it was down South where you can really feel the true Italian vibes. Where you can smell the flavours of good food, and try the long left walls."



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