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Dane Gudauskas arts up with Isis, debuts collection


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Dane Gudauskas & Isis launch 'Lips' collection

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 April, 2010 : - - Costa Mesa, California -- Dane Gudauskas is a fearless surfer and a warrior on the WQS tour.  With that said, he goes soft as he admits that he is crazy in love with two things: the ocean & creating art.  ISIS, a fresh, local device accessory brand, is proud to have Dane on the ISIS Outfit and shares his passions. 

Set on breathing surf life and art into the consumer electronic industry, ISIS approached Dane with a collaborative idea. “We gave Dane the ability to use ISIS’ high-quality accessories as a blank canvas for his creative expression.  He is both a ripper surfer and an eclectic artist.  Gudauskas was stoked on the idea and eager to work with us on the debut of his 2010 collection”, says ISIS VP of Marketing Ian Foulke.

The ever-smiling Dane Gudauskas brings a well-traveled eye and a deep appreciation for froth to the ISIS team.  His ‘Lips’, an original design inked by Dane on surfboards that accompanied him to Tahiti, Australia and Hawaii, was his first choice for the ISIS collection. The super funky ‘Lips’ image is as bold as Dane himself and incorporates bright colors that pop off the ISIS iPhone shell.  Plus, the interior of each shell flaunts the pro-surfer’s autograph!

“I was stoked to sign my name on this project.  ISIS is cutting edge in the consumer electronics market and their gear is a great canvas to showcase my creative side and give iPhone cases some artistic personality”, says Gudauskas.  “I’m waiting for my next inspiration to hit so I can recreate the magic and collaborate with them again.  Through ISIS, I want to push the envelop of creativity within the consumer electronic industry”, Dane states.

Clearly designed by a surfer, the ‘Lips’ iPhone shell is made of recycled plastic to consider the environment.  Dane’s shell is compatible with the iPhone 3G/S and delivers a two-piece flush vertical snap construction, direct access to all device features, and a rubberized finish for maximum protection.  An avid traveler, Dane relies on ISIS to protect his valuable accessories while on the road. The ‘Lips’ is functional, design-driven and gives style to your otherwise generic iPhone.

Want to get your hands on Dane’s ‘Lips’?  This fresh shell will be available this summer!  Check out for more info and a preview of ISIS’ Spring/Summer 2010 line. And check out to find out where in the world Dane is?!

About ISIS - Exploding style and color in an industry dominated by corporate themed black and gray, ISIS connects the dots between technology and fashion with design-driven laptop and iPhone protection.  Used and endorsed by fascinating characters from all walks of art, music and action, ISIS’ products help individuals transcend the boundaries of traditional lifestyle.

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