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Danish barrel-fest: Blue Surf & Travel Mag scores spring swell

Denmark's version of heaven © Blue Surf & Travel Mag



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Denmark gets some spring tube time | German

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 March, 2014 - Last weekend, Denmark received some uncharacteristic conditions. In place of long lefts battered and blown out by strong offshores, a north-west groundswell with just a tickle of easterly wind transformed select reefs and beach breaks into a regular-footer's paradise.

Actually, the head high barrels would have been a gift for any surfer--regular or goofy.

Jens-Philip Petersen and Carsten Dose were two of the lucky surfers that experienced just how amazing the conditions were.

"I was able to make a four-day weekend out of it and surfed waist to chest high waves pretty much uncrowded all day. On Saturday, at first I was a little shocked as I looked over the dunes and saw the 'Trestles of Denmark'. There were over 20 guys in the water."

Petersen went on to say, "A colorful mix of Danish and Northern Germany locals were present. The waves were easily head high on larger sets and fit 4-5 maneuvers on a single wave."

Warm, spring conditions and light winds were soaked up with open arms as surfers even ditched their hoodies for the afternoon sessions. Sounds like Danish heaven.

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