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Dave Rastovich to lead paddle-out against shark nets at Snapper

Snapper Rocks protesters © Luis Mori





Environment Updates

Shark net protesters lament loss of marine biodiversity

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 March, 2016 - Professional soul surfer and marine conservation activist Dave " Rasta" Rastovich will lead a paddle out at Snapper Rocks tomorrow Friday 18th March 7am QLD time to protest against shark nets opting for a better system to prevent the uncessary loss of marine life while using the latest smart buoy technology to warn surfers about the proximity of sharks.

Better known as Rasta a former World Grom champion in 1995, Rastovich has dedicated himself to many environmental causes including his role in the award winning documentary called the Cove against the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. He has been a strong advocate of climate change joining Al Gore on the Inconvenient Truth campaign.

Rastovich will be joined by other surfers opposed to the use of shark nets and bait hooks and will paddle out to the shark nets and perform a ceremonial ring.

Yesterday at the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro two activists staged their own protest against shark nets during the finals at Snapper Rocks.

Tonight at Rainbow Bay Surf Club Rasta will join a surfing rockstar lineup to play live music at the Rainbow Bay Surf Club from 6.30pm Qld as part of a charity fundraiser. Well known GC surfing photographer Simon Swilly Williams has put up 11 of his poster size prints signed by the  World pros like Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Steph Gilmore, Rasta,and others for an auction fundraiser. 

Billed as the Surf Party of the Year it is a free public event although its first in best dressed as the Surf Club can only hold a maximum of 350 people.

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Andrew McKinnon

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