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David Troyer wins Surfersvillage Instagram contest

Eli Mirandon, Western Australia © David Troyer



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San Diego photographer's image of Eli Mirandon takes top prize

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 July, 2014 - The Surfersvillage Instagram contest closed today and our staff has chosen David Troyer of San Diego as the winner for his image of Eli Mirandon taken in Western Australia. Troyer shot the image with a Canon eos 630 body with a 15mm 2.8 fisheye and a pistol grip water housing that he custom built. He was also able to catch this image and make it out the back without getting sucked over the falls.

"I just entered the images on a whim to see what would happen," said Trorer. "It's the first time I ever did that."

For his efforts David wins the XSories prizepack including the Capxule case, UShot, Solar Charger and Mini Bendy.

The story behind the image: “I remember going down to check all the spots that morning starting off at Margies main break and the BOX {one of my Faves} but not much was happening there so we started to do the drive up caves road to check all the little nook and crannies in the area. We finally checked our little secret spot that was usually a right hand sand bar. But this day the sand had moved around a bit and was catching the swell just right to for these left wedges. This images of Eli has always been a favorite of mine.”

Troyer’s photography took off when he had the epiphany that he wanted to work less and travel more. He saved up for two years and then hit the road capturing images. It was with one of his custom-built water housings that he got the shot that would earn him a spread in Surfing Magazine. From there it was a quick path to the position of senior photographer at Transworld Surf.

The Surfersvillage Instagram contest was open to any and all photographers. Surfersvillage encourages all photographers to submit their best work when the contest rolls around again.

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