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Destructon of J Bay heritage & dunes causes concern



The Systematic Destruction of J-bay by Developers.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 January, 2006 : - - Please take a minute to open your eyes to what developers are doing to this once quaint seaside town: Before the house was demolished this huge crater was dug underneath the primary dune, seemingly so that the dune might collapse into the hole and increase the chances of a sea view...



This house was over 60 years old and was listed as protected by the South African Heritage Council,
permission needed to be obtained from Bisho, was this done?




See how the primary dune is now being undermined to make way for probably another Tuscan triple
storey nightmare. There goes J-Bay's seaside identity, welcome to Jo'burg-Bay by the Sea...




Shot taken shortly before I was shouted off the site by the foreman, see when you drive past today
how they are now suddenly building a fence by the road to keep out prying eyes...



Please help STOP the rampant overdevelopment of J-Bay!



It is illegal to demolish a primary dune or to mine sand off or near the beaches of South Africa.
What's the bet this dune quietly slips down into the hole, and voila -
a sea view and more money for the greedy developers.



I just want you all to see what is going on here, we have to make a plan to hold onto the little bit of heritage that is left here. What does one do about this? Who do we go complain to, or who do we have to bribe...?

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Garth Robinson

Environment - Surfersvillage


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