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Easkey Britton teaches women in Iran to surf

Easkey Britton teaches women in Iran to surf
Easkey Britton selfie from the upcoming 'Into the Sea' project filmed near Chabahar in Iran



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Iranian women will be featured in the London Surf/Film Fest 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 October, 2014 - Think of a place that is known for the quality of its surfing, and a few destinations may spring to mind. Australia, certainly, with its long sandy shoreline and near-obsessive love for the sport that plays out on beaches from Brisbane to Perth. The glorious coastline of California.

Even our own Cornwall, with its busy boarding scene. But Iran? This enormous Middle Eastern country does not, probably, feature in too many people’s perceptions of a perfect haven for surfers – despite its being able to lay claim to some 1520 miles of seafront along the edges of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

But try telling that to Easkey Britton. The 28-year-old Irish surfer has spent several weeks in the past three years riding the waves in a remote region of what is – to Western minds – a little-understood state. In doing so, she has helped to break down cultural boundaries, and introduced Iranian women to a sport that was always waiting on their doorstep.

Now her achievements are the subject of a new film, Into The Sea, which will premiere tomorrow (9 October) at the London Surf/Film Festival.

It is a fascinating spectacle which sees her travel to the south-east corner of Iran, very close to the Pakistan border, and don a head-covering hijab to ensure she observes local custom while surfing.

Chris Leadbeater

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