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Rhode Island turns on for ESA Summer Surf Champs event

Phoebe Hedde,  ESA Summer Surf Champs, Middletown, Rhode Island
Phoebe Hedde © ESA



ESA SNE Summer Series Contest #3

ESA SNE Summer Series
Middletown, Rhode Island
August 8th, 2015

ESA SNE Summer Series Contest #3 gets lucky

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 August, 2015 - ESA competitors had the good fortune to find decent, ridable waves for the 3rd straight summer contest, during a summer of very few swells. “When I checked the beach at 6:30 AM, it was totally flat,” said 2nd Beach Manager John Burnett. “As soon as the ESA got here, it began to pick up, and was contestable all day.” It was a good thing, too, since this turned out to be the largest contest of the summer, with intense competition in the youth events.

The best surf of the final rounds came in the Menehune Longboard category, when solid waist to chest high peaks poured into the contest area. Oliver Stephenson found the two best “A-Frame” rights, and worked them to the beach for the win. Noah Gartner picked up the remaining waves for a hard fought 2nd place finish.
Page Hedde had an outstanding day, as she styled her way to a win over Sophia Martino in a highly competitive Girls Under 14 Final. Jim Robbin upset Braydon Bennett and Noah Gartner, as he topped the Menehune Final with two outstanding rights to the beach.  In the Boys Under 16 Final, it was veteran Joe Doherty Jr. edging out Sam Stephenson for the win.

ESA All-Star Maria Barend had an outstanding day, as she ruled the waves in the toughest division of all, the Open Shortboard. She crushed several right backhanders that had some power, to top Jamie Kelly, who was picking off the best lefts of the final heat.  Ron Belanger and Noah Gartner had to scramble for the leftovers, finishing 3rd and 4th respectively.

Belanger dominated the elder group, winning the Masters longboard final, taking 2nd in the Senior Men’s Shortboard, and 3rd in the Open Shortboard Final. Pat Redmond had an easy time of it in the Open Bodyboard, pulling off his patented “El Rollos” for the win, while Joe Hedde picked off the biggest left of the heat, to top Jack Egan for the SUP title.

The final contest of the summer series will take place on August 29th, at 2nd Beach. The Summer Series Grand Champions will be crowned, with trophies going to the overall winners in each category. This will be based on the accumulation of points from all four contests that took place from July to August.

Final results of ESA SNE Summer Series Contest #3, at 2nd Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island on August 8th, 2015, in 1-3 foot glassy surf.

- Menehunes-
1.Jim Robbin 
2.Braydon Bennett 
3.Noah Gartner  

- Boys Under 14-
1.Jayden Parry 
2.Nick Gauvin 
3.Oliver Stephenson 
4.David Thomas 
5.Dylan Holtbakk 
6.Gordie Shaver  

- Boys Under 16-
1.Joe Doherty Jr. 
2.Sam Stephenson 
3.Sean McDonald 
4.Ben Lyman  

- Girls Under 14-
Page Hedde 
2.Sophia Martino 
3.Hannah Mullaly 
4.Annabelle Volpe 
5.Phoebe Hedde  

- Girls Under 16-
1.Maria Barend 
2.Lily Gartner  

- Junior Men-
1.Rigby Bennett  

1.Jamie Kelly  

1.Chris Herbert

- Senior Men-
1.Kevin Roy 
2.Ron Belanger 
3.Kai Holtbakk 
4.Paul Bennett 
5.Scott Sutherland

- Junior Longboard-
1.Sam Stephenson 
2.Joe Doherty Jr. 
3.Rigby Bennett 
4.Sean McDonald  

- Men Longboard-
1.Jamie Kelly 
2.Chris Herbert  

- Master Longboard-
1.Ron Belanger 
2.Kevin Roy 
3.Kai Holtbakk 
4.Paul Bennett 
5.Scott Sutherland 

- Legends Longboard-
1.Peter Pan  

Open SUP-
1.Joe Hedde 
2.Jack Egan 
3.Peter Pan  

- Open Bodyboard-
1.Pat Redmond 
2.Peter Pan  

- Menehune Bodyboard-
1.Dylan Holtbakk 
2.Dave Thomas

- Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan   Open-1.Maria Barend  2.Jamie Kelly  3.Ron Belanger  4.Noah Gartner  5.Jim Robbin  6.Jayden Parry  7.Nick Gauvin  8.Kai Holtbakk  9.Braydon Bennett  10.Lily Gartner  11.Dylan Holtbakk  12.Aurelien Bouche   13.Ben Lyman  14.Dave Thomas  15.Kevin Roy  

- Menehune Longboard-1.Oliver Stephenson   2.Noah Gartner  3.Jim Robbins  4.Dylan Holtbakk  5.Jordy Shaver  6.Braydon Bennett  7.Annabelle Volpe  8.Sophia Martino  9.Page Hedde  10.Phoebe Hedde  11.Dave Thomas  12.Jayden Parry  13.Nick Gauvin  14.Maria Barend  15.Lily Gartner  16.Jack Mullaly

Peter Pan

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