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Electric adds Mattson 2 as brand ambassadors

The Mattson 2 © Electric



Team Updates

Twin brother musicians join Electric's growing family of ambassadors

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 March, 2015 - San Clemente, California -  In a press release Monday, Electric announced that The Mattson 2 have signed on as brand ambassadors, and will be collaborating with the company on future projects.

“I am extremely excited to welcome the Mattson 2 to Electric's Ambassador program," said the company's Global Lifestyle & Surf Brand Manager, Ian Foulke. "As individuals and as a musical act, the Mattson 2 perfectly represent the re-engineered classic inspiration that runs deep in the veins of the Electric brand ethos and product line. I look forward to including Mattson 2’s original compositions into future brand projects and live performances at our premiere events.”

The press release hinted at the twin brother musician's contributions to the brand: “Symphonies of electric guitar and pounding drums pulsate through the telepathic minds of the Mattson 2. The duo is stoked to throw some extra voltage into their kinship by joining together with Electric as Musical/ Lifestyle ambassadors. Mattson 2 will perform and create original compositions to capture the essence of Electric, a California brand dedicated to rallying the West Coast Cool and its transcendence. The Electrifying Mattson 2 await you…"

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