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Elusive adds author Tom Anderson to the team



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Tom's surf trips have formed the basis for his books 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 December, 2014 - Surfer turned author, although still surfer through and through. One of Tom's main goals in life is to surf into old age, and although the years are slowly catching up with him, getting in the water is what drives him as much as ever. After some time competing (and usually losing), Tom was inspired by his passion for travel to write the iconic surf memoir Riding the Magic Carpet - a tale of worldwide trips culminating at South Africa's Jeffrey's Bay.

While J-Bay is up there with the best waves Tom's ever ridden, he's a firm believer in the idea that the situation is as important as the waves, and cites some of his best sessions ever as taking place in a weird and wonderful range of places, from Taiwan to Trestles, low tide Snapper to low-tide Coney.

Tom's trips have formed the basis for other books too. A hurricane season road-trip along the US East Coast formed the storyline for Chasing Dean and his exploits around our own British Isles were detailed in Grey Skies, Green Waves.

Perhaps the least believable thing about Tom is that he is also a former PI, and it is some of these experiences that lie behind his debut thriller, released this autumn: The Actaeon Tide, which is currently being serialised in its entirety by the Western Mail. Spring 2015 will see the release of Code Black, a 'Quick Read' title which tells a few tales of the surfing that went down during the recent UK winter storms. He is currently working on a young adults novel for 2016.

Tom also rides for Flow Surf & Skate shop and Luke Young Surfboards, and is delighted to be coming on board as a brand ambassador for Elusive. 'These guys absolutely, one-thousand per-cent share my idea of what a proper, organic, home-grown, counter-culture clothing label should be. Art matters, surfing is fun - and that's all there is to it!'


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